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You’re expecting! Congratulations!  Are you prepping yet? Thinking of baby names, baby cribs, what to do when the time comes for the big arrival. There are tons of options for every little decision to be made.  I did it twice, I know how overwhelming it can get. I know getting photos taken of the new little snuggler may have crossed your mind, but what goes into that?

? ?atlanta-studio?, ?atlanta-photographer?, ? newborn?, ?newborn-baby?, ??newborn-posing?, alpharetta-photographer It sounds like something that should be down at the bottom of the to-do list. But wait! Hold that thought! It’s something that can be a big deal when it’s all over and done.  You’ll look back on those images and probably get all teary when they are 10 years old and no longer are into snuggle time with you.  Plus, they change SO FAST those first few weeks, and you are so focused on what needs to be done that you kind of forget. Newborn photos are amazing for holding on to that faint memory of the first days, and how they squished up their nose, or had that one tuft of hair that wouldn’t lie down, even that belly button nub and all of the tiny peeling fingers and toes…. And if you can capture this with some cute accessories and good lighting- it makes it that much more memorable!

I want to help you get this done.  I want to make it as easy and comfortable as possible.  I invite you to come into my home studio and kick back and relax for a couple of hours while I take over the baby responsibility.  Go ahead- read, watch TV, have a nap- whatever works for you. Of course you are also welcome to come in and watch the process, you’ll be amazed at what goes into getting those little bundles calm and asleep enough to curl into a pose that really is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Newborn photography is not for the weak and impatient. I have trained hundreds of hours to perfect my craft.  It’s a rigorous process that no doubt, in turn, gives amazing results that you will treasure for a lifetime. 

Let’s talk about it, and then let’s book it, and when baby arrives, come on over for a breather before they are 10 days old. Preferably around 5-7 days old. I promise you won’t regret it 🙂 

Sessions start $450 and include 10 high-resolution images you can print yourself as much and as long as you like.


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